Welcome to the website for the International Social Movement Gathering on Water and Affordable Housing, May 29-31, 2015, in Detroit, MI.
We will post all you'll need to know about participating in this social movement discussion and strategy convening for our basic survival needs and rights coming to Detroit in May 2015. (download PDF)
Why the need for this social movement gathering?
Residents in U.S. cities and across the world are under attack as we're systematically being denied the human right to water and housing. International news reports last year that told of nearly 100,000 low income Detroit residents whose water would be shutoff because of their inability to pay. While most of those shutoffs were (temporarily) averted, approximately 10,000 people remain without water at their homes. Adding to this, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept. started more shutoffs beginning in March 2015.
This misery is coupled with nearly 40,000 Detroit homeowners at risk of losing their family homes in tax foreclosures from delinquent bills, many of which have past due water bills attached as tax liens.
We've had enough! We also know that Detroit is not alone in this economic collapse across communities that is determining people's access to the basic needs for survival. For example:
There are countless more stories. 
We aim to stop this assault and unite to demand our basic needs to survive and thrive.